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1/10 Pro SCT Class 

 1.  Any readily available 2WD short course truck is allowed
 2.  Battery - Any 2 cell Lipo or 6-7 cell NiMh
 3.  Motor - Any brand 1/10th scale Brushed or Brushless motor
 4.  Electronics must be 1/10 scale
 5.  Body - Any short course body that covers all 4 wheels when
      looking down on the truck.
 6.  Tires - Must be a 1/10th short course rubber tire. 

1/10th Expert Open 4x4 Short Course Truck Class:

 1.  The same rules as in the 1/10 Pro SCT class will apply except
      all trucks must be a 4WD version.
 2.  No 1/8 scale parts, tires, motors, ESC are permitted.  1/8
      ESC's are permitted.

1/10th 2WD Buggy Class:

 1.  Manufacturer - Any 2WD 1/10 Buggy
 2.  Motor - Open (must be 1/10th scale)
 3.  Electronics - Open (must be 1/10th scale)
 4.  Body - Any buggy body (wing must be mounted pre-race)
 5.  Battery - Any 2 cell Lipo or 6-7 cell NiMh
 6.  Tires - Any manufacturer 1/10 scale buggy rubber tire and              wheel combo) must run front on front and rear on rear)

1/10 Stadium Truck Class:

1.  Same rules as in the 1/10 scale buggy class will apply to the
     1/10 Scale Stadium Truck class less the wing and tire rules.
 2. Tires - Any 2.2 size stadium truck rubber tire with
      any tread pattern.
NOTE:  All racers are expected
to "marshal" during races.

Click HERE to learn the Do's and Don'ts
of being a good Track Marshall.